"AD SPIRARE" projet artistique de la photographe polonaise Katarzyna Pacholik

Posted on August 1, 2020 at 5:35 AM

L’association culturelle Art Gallery Constantin a le plaisir de promouvoir le projet artistique de l’artiste photographe espagnole Katarzyna Pacholik.


The project proposes a series of video-based drawings of a fragment of the sea to be made in Normandy during the month of August this summer. Each second of the video will be translated into a charcoal drawing, where small and random mutations of the image of sea waves will be captured. Later on, I will try to recreate the video in a stop-motion mode using the drawings.

Given the circumstances we find ourselves in today - the exhaustion of city life that has been fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic and confinement, creates a need to reflect on the pace of life to which we are accustomed. Confinement has served many people as a reflection on time. How different we feel the passage of time in a slow way of life, imposed during confinement, and how different in a frenetic way of life to which we are accustomed day by day.

One solution to further pause our rhythms of life is to reconnect with nature. Looking at the sea, time stands still. Drawing the sea, time passes by even slower. Time expands when we try to get into this image and understand it. The task of repetition is crucial. I find interesting the contradiction that it takes only a second to take a photo of the sea, but a month to try to capture this image with charcoal. What is the intention of taking thousands of photographs every day, moments that we upload on social networks and that disappear after 24 hours? In these circumstances, what is the sense of spending a whole month trying to copy a photo of the sea, making a durable image?

As a protest to the frenetic and consumerist lifestyle, I lend myself to the painstaking work of trying to capture with charcoal the small repetitions in the waves of the sea.

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